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21 May

4 reasons to choose Barcelona as your next travel destination

You’ve certainly already heard of one of the most beautiful cities of Europe… Barcelona. Maybe a friend or family member has been here and loved it– and for good reason! It should be your turn next! This is an amazing city and we’re going to explain four of the best reasons why you should come to Barcelona.

The first reason is the food! One example are the famous Tapas, they really are amazing – and you should definitely come and try them here. In Barcelona, there are lots of Catalan specialties like Pan Con Tomate which is like a toast with tomato on it, it is really tasty! We would love to recommend some Tapas restaurants for you if you ask us! 😊

The next reason is Barcelona’s beautiful nature. We have a lot of green areas like Montjuic which is an enormous and beautiful park full of trees. If you want to enjoy a beautiful view of Barcelona, you just have to walk or take a bus to the highest point of Montjuic. You certainly won’t regret it; you don’t have to go to the highest point to have an amazing view but trust us it is still one of the best ones of the city.

The third reason is the beach! If you didn’t already know, Barcelona has amazing beaches. One of the most famous is called “La Barceloneta” and thanks the beautiful weather, you can even enjoy it in February (the weather is also one good reason to come here. The sun is shining almost all the time!).

Last but not least… Barcelona has amazing monuments and you certainly don’t want to miss it. The culture here is amazing. The city is full of monuments like the Gaudi houses, the famous Sagrada Familia or Park Güell. We also have the Cathedral of Barcelona which is breathtaking. Your mind will be blown by the amount of beautiful buildings that you can find in Barcelona.

With those four reasons, we hope to see you soon in Barcelona. Don’t hesitate to book with us, you won’t be disappointed! Our staff will guide you through the wonderful city of Barcelona and give you advice that will make your stay even more better.