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7 Feb

Alternative sightseeing and things-to-do in Barcelona

It is no doubt that Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and even in the world. Any season you visit this amazing city, you will find many tourists waiting in line for the Sagrada Familia, walking through the La Ramba or enjoying the beaches of the city. While of course these things are a must-see for everyone, it doesn´t mean that you can´t find something more authentic and less-crowded.

Here is a list of recommendations you should check out if you are in Barcelona!

Joan Fontcuberta´s outdoor art


While there are many great exhibitions and museums in Barcelona, this outdoor art is truly unique and less touristy than others. The huge piece of art is made out of approximately 4000 photos taken by locals, to show what freedom means to them. The photos were printed and arranged in a way that they show an image of a kiss.

Casa Comalat

This building is one of the lesser-known masterpieces of modernism in Barcelona. With its vibrant colors, magnifique balconies and windows this building is truly a must see, next to the most-known Gaudi buildings in  Barcelona.

Sant Andreu Market

While the La Boqueria is usually full with tourists, the Sant Andreu Market has managed to stay a place for the locals. It was built in the 19th century that´s the reason behind its authentic village flair style and atmosphere.

Casa Gispert Souvenirs

Of course it´s great to take home some memories from the holidays, but you should definitely avoid buying overpriced touristy products! Casa Gispert opened in 1951 selling high-quality products, like special spices, coffee, gift baskets and so. The shop still has some of the original furniture and decor which helps to keep alive its rich tradition. Visit the shop for a truly amazing journey back in time!

Bunker Del Carmel 


This is one of the top locations for a panoramic sightseeing in Barcelona! It was originally an anti-aircraft battery built in the Civil War, in the 20th century. It is easily reachable by metro or bus, but to go to the top, you will also need to walk a little! The most recommended time to go here is at sunset!

Plaza San Felipe Neri

This is one of the few less-known, hidden places in Barcelona. This square has a haunting and also magical atmosphere. Here you´ll find an old church, a  small school and an elegant fountain with the remains of the Civil War still visible. The Plaza San Felipe Neri´s ambiance is perfect for romantic walks and summer nights!