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10 Sep

Barcelona Jewish Film Festival – 15th-30th September

Since 1999, this event has taken place with the purpose of bringing the culture and cinema of the jewish community that exists in Barcelona. In fact, ten percent of the population was Jewish in the 14th and 15th century. It is popular as, it is thought to be very similar to the history of Spain. It aims to spread awareness, spreads diversity, and educate society about Jewish themes: past and present. 
This is one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe devoted to Jewish topics. A wide variety of audiovisual works, shorts, documentaries and feature films are presented at the festival, encompassing the broadest field of genres and trends. therefore, if you are looking to be more emerged in other cultures, this event is for you! 
Not only sharing a common interest in jewish themes, people can use this event as a meeting point and gathering for discussion and sharing ideas and experiences. There is no other festival in Europe of its kind that shows such growth! 

Here are just some of the films that will be aired during the festival
– Die Getraeumten (The dreamed ones)
– Homemade
-Those who go and those who stay
– La Petite Praire Aux Bouleaux (The Birch Tree Meadow)
– Die Papierene Brücke (The paper bridge)
– The interpreter
– Fig tree

The films will be shown in the Filmoteca de Catalunya in Plaça de Salvador Seguí in El Raval.

For more information on their website, click the link below!

Barcelona International Short film and Video Festival – 6th-7th October

Similarly, this international short film festival also it to bring people together for the love of traditional film and non-traditional film types! There are a range of themes and topics in this festival and they all aim to raise awareness and normalise the aspects that once was taboo!

For example, in this festival, there are stories of women, directed by women, men, and non binary people. It encourages people to present their new films that feature underrepresented themes. 
There is a competition aspect to this event and people can submit their film in the form of a short film, narrative film and animations, experimental, documentary style, and video art. 
The panel of film makers will choose the winner of each category and each will receive 1000€!!
In a nutshell this festival aims to tackle discrimination and to spread diversity and celebrate differences! 

BSF will be held at the Zumzeig cinema in Barcelona for two days.

Here is the link for you to see to full programme and also their social media!