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6 Apr

Catalan Easter Traditions – Happy Semana Santa!

We have almost reached another wonderful holiday! Easter is definitely a firm welcome of spring and sharing the time with families and friends, gathering together and following certain traditions, enjoying favorite recipes and festivities. Easter in Spain lasts the whole week, which is called Semana Santa (The Holy Week). The week is passionately celebrated with religious processions, masses and music. So let’s dive in the Easter and look through the most known Catalan/Spanish Easter traditions.

Spanish Easter cake called Mona de Pascua. For centuries, it was topped with boiled eggs as a symbol of new life but now usually chocolate eggs are used instead.

By far the biggest of all the Easter traditions in Spain are the religious processions. For example, on Holy Thursday in Catalonia, the ‘Dansa de la mort’ (Dance of the death) takes place. The death dance re-enacts scenes from the passion and everyone dresses as skeletons and parades through the streets.

And probably the most important & significant day in Catalonia is Palm Sunday. According to tradition, godparents give their godchildren crafted palmones. They are being blessed at the end of church masses. They are being sold at the mesmerizing fairs near Sagrada Familia or La Rambla.