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25 Feb


If it’s not your first time in Barcelona or in Spain In general, you might have already tried main traditional Spanish dishes – paella, tapas and some nice cava. Although, here in Barcelona, you can never get tired of the variety of the food this city suggests. As Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, it brings new tastes to the palette. Catalonia has its own rich history and distinctive culture, including its own special cuisine.

So here are some Catalonian food ideas for you to try out!


If you like a good paella, you will love fideuà – essentially the Catalan version of paella made using short noodles instead of rice. It originated in Valencia but is now a firm favorite throughout Catalonia and you will see it on the menu in numerous restaurants all over Barcelona. 

Crema Catalana

Perhaps one of the most famous desserts in Catalonia, crema catalana is quite similar to the French crème brûlée, aside from a few key ingredients. 


Adopted by Catalans here, cannelloni is considered to be a typical Barcelona dish. It has have stewed meat inside the tubes rather than the Italian minced meat. That is why it is traditional to eat them on December 26th using the leftovers from Christmas dinner. The cannelloni are always also topped with a béchamel creamy sauce (very little, if any, tomato sauce is used).

Yummy! So here you go, if you are in Barcelona or around Catalonia do not hesitate try the Spanish food alternatives! Buen provecho.