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23 Aug

Don’t Miss The Next One!: Fiestas of Barcelona

Starting in January with the Festa Major de Sant Antoni, the famous traditional district parties provide you a must-have experience in Barcelona. Warming up with fiestas of Casc Antic, Raval, Poble Sec and Sant Roc, Barcelona was ready for one of the most-known neighborhood parties: Festa Major de Gràcia! After weeks of preparation, neighbors of Gracia were also ready to welcome everyone!

The up-and-coming neighborhood of Gracia became a tourist attraction with a variety of options for local and ethnic food and drink places, several plazas where locals meet day and night, and handmade, eco-friendly and traditional shops. But one of the most important reasons to be in love Gracia is the way they party for more than 200 years!

Fiesta 2 Fiesta 3 Fiesta 4 Fiesta 4 Fiesta 6 Fiesta 7

Starting with a parade in 15th of August each year, this carnivalesque week in Gracia is unforgettable in many ways. Every year, each one of the particular streets in district decide on a theme for their own decorations to be the most original one in the fiesta and to win the annual prize. The result of the civic collaboration and hard work of neighbours who start to gather weeks before the fiesta is a colorful, tremendous collection of hand made street arts such as creative statues, ornaments and lanterns made by either recycled or recyclable materials.

Fiesta 8 Fiesta 9 Fiesta 10 Fiesta 11 Fiesta 12 Fiesta 13

Have a walk in the neighborhood and do a concert-hopping through the venues in different streets. Local artists from many music genres play all night long and you can find many opportunities during the week to perform your best dance moves.

Fiesta 14 Fiesta 15 Fiesta 16 Fiesta 17

It’s always best to check the fiesta programme ( beforehand if you do not want to miss the parade, castellers (human towers), giants or carrefoc (fire run).

Fiesta 18 Fiesta 19

Already missed Fiestas de Gracia? Don’t worry! Enjoy Festa Major de Sants till 26th August and start planning your September for the upcoming street parties:

Festa Major de Poblenou (September 7-16)
La Mercè (September 21-24)
Festa Major de Barceloneta (September 29-30)

Fiesta 20