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12 Feb

Last residents living in Gaudi’s house – La Pedrera

One of the most visited places in Barcelona, haunted by tourists day and night – one of Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces – La Pedrera or also known as Casa Mila serves not only as a museum and architectural artefact. We bet that you did not know that La Pedrera still serves as a residential building! To be more precise, there are some last residents living here. In this week’s post we tell more about what is it like to, literally, live in a museum.
(The main information source: Independent)

Viladomiu, 63-year-old writer told about her living in La Pedrera, starting with her daily struggle to get in the building because of endless tourists queues to opening her apartment’s door to strangers who want to take a look inside her home.

Viladomiu has one of the few left in Casa Mila. In March, she published a book, The Last Neighbour, about the history of the building, as well as the experience of occupying an apartment in one of the jewels of Gaudi’s Modernist style of architecture.

The writer likens her experience to living on the set of Big Brother, the reality television show, photographed by tourists whenever she steps out onto her balcony and monitored by security cameras and smoke detectors she has sometimes inadvertently set off while cooking her dinner. “But it’s of course the Big Brother of our world heritage,” she added.

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