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19 Mar

Photographing Barcelona: Gaudí Edition

A passion for photography? The city of Barcelona has so much to offer.  Spring is coming, sun is up, time to lose it up and take the perfect shots.

If it’s not your first time in Barcelona, you must have heard about the famous architect Gaudí. What would Barcelona be without the precious Antoni Gaudí? The city is known as offering wonderful monuments thanks to the architect’s works. His architectures cover a wide and diverse field.

This week’s post would therefore be to share with you the best photography spots of Gaudi’s best works. Many experts remain stunned by his works.

Let’s start with:

  • Casa Batlló

Locally known as Casa dels Ossos (House of Bones), Casa Batlló is one of the best work of Gaudí for sure! Very impressive from the outside, the inside is wonderfully photogenic, every room is different from the other and yet in the same style.

This photo was taken early in the morning. Mid to late morning is probably the best time to take pictures over there. Although there’s no doubt, sunset is good time to visit as well.

The building speaks for itself, you will not miss it! Stained glass when the sun strikes put a smile on your face. You will do amazing photos. Situated in Passeig de Gracia, 43 which was a prestigious address to have in the 20th century in Barcelona, the Casa Batlló is one of the most central arteries of Barcelona.

  • Casa Mila La Pedrera

A few yards from Casa Batlló, La Pedrera is known as Top Gaudi being the final work of the architect completed. 

This is one of the first monuments of the country to be entered on the World Heritage list. It offers an amazing rooftop-terrace called the Warrior Rooftop, which offers impressive views of the city, where you can take nice pictures of the city but also the mazing sculptures.

The Casa Mila is in a privileged position right a house right in a house in the middle of Passeig de Gracia with the most impressive stone facade.  

Designed in an organic style, the front of the building is very photogenic. It is worth shooting from the street, however it is suggested that to truly appreciate the building, it is better to head inside.

As you can see on the picture, it is advisable to visit it on a sunny day. The shots taken can only be exceptional photos, with very impressive reflection of the sun on the windows.

  • Casa Vicens

It is perhaps Gaudi’s least known building in Barcelona. But being Gaudi’s first masterpiece, it is one of his works where you can marvel at an impressive oriental-style façade.

This house is special thanks to its mosaic. You could do some oriental-influenced photography.

There is a lot to photograph here, from the wonderful exteriors of the building through to the incredible interiors of that are open, and in particular, the stairway and upper floors.  Moreover the house is routed by palm trees, which makes the place even more unique.

The oriental colours ensure that the photos taken never disappoint. Therefore, no matter what kind of weather you visit Casa Vicens, the artwork present a full of photography opportunities.

  • Sagrada Familia

You cannot leave Barcelona without visiting the famous Sagrada Familia. This is certainly the most emblematic monument of Barcelona being the must-see monument of the city. It is an iconic location for photography, whether inside or out. The real highlight though is the unfinished church.

Visiting the cathedral will give the chance to make stunning pictures about the majestic temple composed by 18 towers. 
To shoot a wide picture of the church, it is recommended to go to Plaça Gaudi where you will find a little park just over the road. The best time to visit is either at sunrise or at sunset. You will be able to fire off some photos before the crowds come.
You can take the opportunity to get among those who will enter the church first as well. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to use the flash indoors, but there is enough light to take beautiful pictures.
An excellent place to end our tour of the best photography locations in Barcelona!