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13 Apr

Slow living or alternative pace of life

People every day are constantly living at a fast pace which is making them feel like their lives are chaotic. Busyness is default of today and we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia. A lot of young adults experience burnouts, mental exhaustion, feels emotionally drained. Thus, now more than ever we need to slow down, peel away the distractions and focus on small things, being really intentional about everything you have and understand that less-is-more!

Small steps to live slower:

  • Disconnect to connect.
  • Focus on people and spend time with closes ones to you.
  • Appreciate nature.
  • Eat slower.
  • Take long walks.
  • Be present and mindful.

Slow living promotes living to a simpler pace. It is a way to find and reconnect with yourself, to be fully in the moment and nourish it.

So enjoy the moment and try to insert some slow living elements day by day to make it your daily routine and live stress-free not only on your day-to-day basis but also when traveling!