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23 Aug

Sporting events!

Massa Crítica

Attention those who love cycling!! Did you know that every first Friday of the month there is an event called Massa Crítica (Critical mass) where, anyone of any age, no matter how good or bad you are at cycling, can ride from the Arc de Triumph with lots of other people who seek nothing more than to have a good time?
It is nothing more than a fun event for groups of friends, families or even as an individual! There is no competitive aspect to Massa Crítica nor any need to sign up…simply just gather with people who have similar interests and want to have a thoroughly great evening around Barcelona!

Meeting point : Arc de Triumph @ 20:00 every first Friday of the month

Check out their website for an insight into the event!

Skate Love – 12th-15th September

A music festival on wheels arrives in Barcelona on the 12-15th September! This is one you do not want to miss. People from all around the world gather in the city with their roller skates to enjoy music, dancing and socialising in a unique way.
Within the four days of the event, there are various DJs and performances along the beach. This year features music from Dr Drew, Bart, Rollers HiFi, Bootsy Paul, and many more! One of the most unique features of this festival, people can take part in workshops and have fun lessons and classes to skate in different dance styles, led by people from all around the world. This year, ranging from Brazilian style, freestyle, dancing in partners, acrobatics, and developing rhythm and groove, and many more! Ensure you check out their website from this link below to read more for yourself and to buy tickets!