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23 Aug

Sustainable Barcelona

Did you know that Barcelona was the first city in the world awarded with Biosphere certification? Sustainability in Barcelona is not only considered from one perspective. It covers environmental and social aspects, sustainable mobility and accommodation as well as cuisine.


You will find lots of sustainable and eco-friendly hostels and hotels that have been awarded with environmental certificates. Accommodation options are making more sustainable and also socially responsible choices and want to make a change to help the environment with little steps. Use of low-energy lightning and showers that conserve water are great ways for hotels and hostels to be more environmentally friendly.

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Barcelona has declared itself as a vegetarian and vegan-friendly city. There are many markets that offer local and fresh ingredients. There are also many vegetarian restaurants and shops that offer organic food. You can read our previous blogpost about vegan/vegetarian restaurants and best food markets in Barcelona.

By the way, curious what a vegan is? Follow this link to learn more about this healthy lifestyle:

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Barcelona is good city for walking, but if you are tired of walking you can also find many environmentally friendly transportation options. Did you know that there is over 420 bicing stations and 6000 bikes available for citizens? Cycling is convenient way of moving around in Barcelona and you can find bike rentals all around the city. There are also many other electric vehicles like Segways and electric motorbikes and public transport with low CO2 emissions.

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You can find recycling bins for glass, paper, plastic etc. from almost every corner of the city so recycling is made very easy for residents and tourists. Barcelona is also well accessible to disabled people regarding to transportation, beach and many accommodation places.