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10 Mar

Typical catalan desserts

Crema Catalana

It’s a creamy dessert of a pasta base, made out of eggs, milk and sugar. The top is covered with burnt sugar

Where to find it: 

Granja Viader (Carrer d’en Xuclà, 4-6, 08001)

Granja Dulcinea (Carrer de Petritxol, 2, 08002 )

Pastisseria Escribà (La Rambla, 83, 08002)



This is a small candy made out of almond, hazelnut and milk, covered with chocolate and sugar, with a caramelised hazelnut in the inside.

Where to find it: 

Farga (Avinguda Diagonal, 391, 08008)

Bombonería Pons (Calle Olzinelles, 78, 08014)



Panellets are sweets usually covered with egg white and pine nuts, but you can also find ones with coconut, chocolate or lemon. Some specialty bakeries even sells panellets with unique flavours, like green tea, mojito or orange Vermont. The creamy inside is made out of almonds, eggs sugar and lemon. It’s a tipical dessert on the festive days of Todos los Santos, but you can find it in the shops all year round.

Where to find it: 

La Colmena (Plaça de l’Àngel, 12, 08002)

Mauri (Carrer de Provença, 241, 08008)


Mel i mato

This is a cream dessert made out of only two ingredients, cheese and honey, in some places served with walnuts or hazelnuts.

Where to find it: 

Granja Armengol (Carrer de Còrsega, 205, 08036)