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26 Sep

What to do in October

Still pleasant temperatures during the month of October, ranging from 24 degrees to 16 degrees. You can enjoy 7 hours of sun as the sunrise is approximately 08:00 and the sun sets at 19:30. In October the clocks change so the days will become darker earlier, however, you can still take advantage of the charming beach weather.
Although the summer has officially ended and people are back at work after summer, Barcelona never stops so there will still be plenty of events, festivals and parties this month for you to enjoy!

The neighbourhood festivals are still not over! The beginning of the month you will catch the last little taste of the Festa Major de Barceloneta! The party of the Sarrià neighbourhood and Les Corts takes place on September 27th-October 6th. The locals of this neighbourhood decorate their balconies and the streets to welcome festival goers with parades and displays of giants and devils.
Festa Major de la Barceloneta at the end of September, beginning of October, originally the neighbourhood for seafarers and fishermen and craftsmen. Traditionally there are parades, fairs, firework displays and parties round the beach area and also cannon parades decorated in the style of the coast.


Oktoberfest has been a scene in Barcelona for over 8 years and Plaça Espanya is said to be the main location of the celebrations and parties along with themes in Montjuïc also. Beer, food and music all night for free, however a VIP table for personal service fro 24 euros!
Oktoberfest celebrations take place from the 3rd of October until the 13th at Plaça Univers de Fira Montjuïc starting at 17:00 until the early morning!

Primavera Club

Related to the festival that takes place earlier on in the year in June, Primavera Sound, the autumn months bring Primavera Club to Barcelona for a weekend on Friday 26th October until Sunday 28th October.
There are three venues around the city where the concerts and parties take place, Sala Apolo, La 2 de Apolo, and Centre Cultural Albareda, wehere you can enjoy concerts from DJ from all around the world all night long!
For more information and to see who is playing, you can see it on their website in the link below.