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18 Sep

What to do in September

Barcelona during September is a great time to visit. The locals are back in the city after their summer holidays, giving the city a more cultured and authentic feel. However, they have gone back to work and many visitors from around the world have gone home for the autumn, meaning the streets are less crowded and not as busy.

Not only is the sun still shining, but September also brings a little bit of rainfall, which in my opinion, is not so bad. It is good for the vegetation! It is said that Barcelona is mostly dry during this month with the odd rainy day, though it will almost never be for the entire day or night. These are the days for museum visits!

We have come up with some activities and things to do during your time in Barcelona this September. 

A spare evening in the Barcelona? Why not visit Plaça Espanya at night and watch the Magic Fountain show. Taking place outside the well know MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia), at 21:30 – 22:30, Wednesday to Sunday. The top of the stairs provides an amazing view of the city also day and night.

Enjoy an afternoon and evening of fun at Brunch in the Park with friends, dancing along to the music from the international DJ´s around the world in open aired festivals in parks around Barcelona. The locations vary from Montjuïc, Sant Andreu and Nou Barris. Although they started in July, there are still a few more weekends left this month! Sunday 15th September, 28th September and the final on the 29th September! 
You can visit Gaudi’s houses, Casa Mila, Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens and Park Güell.  

La Mercè
The annual festival in Barcelona on the 20th- 24th of September, it is also a national holiday in Catalonia. This is the largest street party to celebrate the Patron saint of the city. 
The streets will be full of parades and most of the roads shut for cars to make way for party goers and statues. There will be a fire run for families in the evening at Via Laietana, fire breathing dragon take the streets in Correfoc that sprays sparklers in the crowds, devils and demons that spray sparks and flames in the streets, and also the famous Human Towers (Castellers). This is held at Plaça de Sant Jaume at midday. This explosive and spectacular festival is an absolute must during your visit to Barcelona!

 There is also a wine and Cava festival which is part of the La Mercè festivities (20th-24th). It features Catalan wine and cava and some typical foods from the region. Held at Ronda Sant Antoni, near the food market. This is the biggest wine festival in Barcelona with over 70 wineries as wine has been present in the city since the Romans! 

Spend an evening on one of the most famous buildings in Barcelona at the rooftop concerts at Casa Batlló. Live music every night on the roof terrace of Gaudi’s Building at 20:00 for just €39. There are different bands and types of music that play each night and you can see in advance what style it is.