Two Days in Barcelona?

This is how you should do it

Day One

1. Visit La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one the top things you should visit when in Barcelona. It is the famous church created by Antoni Gaudi. The architect died during the construction of the church, that’s why it has been under construction for more than 100 years. You can just wander around the church and admire it from the outside, but you can also go in and learn more about the history and the architecture of this beautiful building. When you go back to the centre of the city, instead of taking the bus or metro you can walk back. When you walk back, just walk by the other buildings of Gaudi, La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.

2.  Visit the Gothic Quarter and El Born

The Gothic area is the oldest part of Barcelona and as such looks pretty different to the rest of the city. It is what’s left from the roman invasion from the 2nd century. Now it’s a great area just to wander around in. You will get lost easily, but that is the fun part of the walk and it’s the best way to discover the neighbourhood. While you are walking around in the Gothic Quarter you should look out for the Church of Santa Maria del Pi, this church contains one of the oldest rose windows in Europe. Another place you should visit when you’re in Barri Gotic is the Cathedral of Barcelona, also called the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. This neighbourhood will make you feel like you’re going back in time! There are also multiple squares you can find when you are visiting these quarters.

If you are walking around the Gothic Quarter it’s a small distance to also visit the El Born quarter. This is also a high recommended neighbourhood to walk through. It is close to the beach as well, so if you have a couple of hours to spare you can just walk 10 minutes further and you’re there!

Day Two

1. Visit Park Güell and walk through Gracia

Park Güell is another one of Antoni Gaudi’s creations. This is one of the places in Barcelona where you can have a peaceful walk and just chill. This park was created in Gaudi’s naturalistic phase. Because the park is located on the El Carmel hill, visitors of the park will have an amazing view of the city. Something you don’t see every day.

When you’re finished with the park, instead of taking the metro/bus back to the city centre, we would recommend you to walk down through the Gracia neighbourhood. This is the place where you’ll find most of the locals who live in the city. It’s a beautiful authentic neighbourhood with a lot of nice and cosy bars and restaurants. Just wander around and enjoy the area.

2. Visit Picasso museum and relax in Parc de la ciutadella

The Picasso museum is situated in El Born. This museum is all about Picasso and it holds one of the largest collections of his work. This is a must-visit when you are in Barcelona. Close to the museum is one of the biggest parks of Barcelona, it is called Parc de la Ciutadella. You will see a wide variety of people and things happening in this park. This park is also close to Arc de Triomf, a beautiful arch (perfect for those travelling photos!). Once you’re finished in the park, take a little bit of time and walk down the boulevard to Arc de Triomf.

If you don’t feel too tired from 2 intensive days of being a tourist, you can go to Plaça Espanya and enjoy the Magic Fountain show. If you are not here on a day the show is on (Wednesday to Sunday during the summer months), you can still visit and go to the top of the stairs and just enjoy the evening view of Barcelona.

Another suggestion we have for you if you’re here for only one or two days is to take the Barcelona tour bus. This bus will take you to everything there is to see in Barcelona. You can then decide for yourself if you want to visit the buildings or not, but at least you can say you’ve seen everything there is to see.

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