Um dia em Barclona

just passing through

Just Passing Through

don't worry ACYH has you covered

Explore the Gothic area, the oldest part of Barcelona, wander around it’s narrow streets Plaza Real, ÍAjunament, and don’t forget to check out the Cathedral!

Cross Via Leintana and take the Carrer ÍAjunament until ÍEsglésia de Santa Maria del mar, one of the most beautiful churches in all of Barcelona.

Close to the Gothic area, you can have a coffee or a meal at El Born, an area full of bars and restaurants.

Art enthusiasts, will be able to spend a few hours in Picasso Museum where others can have a stroll in Parque de Ciutadela, home to the Catalonian Parliament and a zoo.

Finally, it would be a great way to finish your day in Barcelona  by visting Gaudi’s unachieved work of art, La Sagrada Familia.

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