Gran Teatre del Liceu

an opera house on La Rambla

Gran Teatre del Liceu

It is an opera house on La Rambla. The Liceu opened on April 4, 1847. It is one of the world’s finest and biggest stage and acoustic settings for opera, and one of the most important opera houses in Spain.

You may not be able to catch a night at the opera, but you can still have a look around one of the Europe’s greatest opera houses, known to locals simply as the Liceu. It can seat up to 2300 people in its grand horseshoe auditorium.

Barcelona’s grand old opera house, restored after a fire in 1994 (first constructed in 1847), is one of the most technologically advanced theaters in the world. As well as opera, you can see world-class dance companies strut their stuff or attend classical-music concerts and recitals.

Tickets can cost anything from 7,50€ for a cheap seat  behind a pillar to 150€ for a well-positioned night a the opera. You will need to book well in advance for the big shows.