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22 Aug

Great views of the city!

Walking amongst the streets of Barcelona can give you a great insight into the city’s culture and vibe, especially the small narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter. However, having the entire city at your feet from a high view point can create a feeling of euphoria and it is great the see this amazing place as a whole.
Here are some suggestions for you to visit and get a view of the city from all angles!

Park Güell!
Gaudi’s 17-hectare park offers views reaching to the sea, and, not only does it provide the pure culture of Barcelona with Gaudi inspiration, but it also promotes nature and biodiversity in this crazy city!
In order to achieve this view, you’ll need your comfy walking shoes! On the metro, after getting off at Vallcarca or Lesseps, the walk beings and along the way you may gradually find lower views of the city, but nothing compared to the top! Alternatively, you can take the metro to Alfons X and take the shuttle bus straight to the entrance with your ticket. Be sure to check this out!

MNAC & ARENAS Shopping centre!
Both during the day and the night, the walk up to the Nation Art Museum of Catalunya displays an incredible view of Barcelona and Plaça D’Espanya. From here you can see the Sagrada Familia  and the Cathedral del Sagrat Cor on Mount Tibidabou. At night it is spectacular. There are also fountain shows at the bottom of MNAC throughout the year during the evening which make the experience even more magical. What once was an old bull fighting ring in Plaça D’Espanya, is now a shopping centre with many shops places to eat. At the top, there is a 360-degree view point of Barcelona. Enjoy a meal or a drink in one of the restaurants at the top, accompanied with a bird’s eye view of the city.

Montjuïc Castle!
The castle that once protected and represented Barcelona hundreds of years ago, Montjuïc watchtower and terrace guarantees amazing views of the city and the sea. If you decide to take the cable car to the top of the park you will travel over the green space of the area making stops at the Montjuïc Park such as Mirador gardens, Mirador De L’Alcalde and Mossèn Costa I Llobera gardens, and straight to the castle’s high points. Take the metro to Parallel and then the funicular train to the cable car station and away you go!
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