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15 Oct

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants

The food here in Barcelona is amazing! You can find all types of dining and food suitable for every occasion. Whether that be a casual last minute find, a place to sit and watch the world go by while you have a bite to eat, or for a special occasion in a classy exclusive restaurant.

Barcelona also has some of the best restaurants that cater for vegans and vegetarians and has such an excellent wide variety! Here are only a few that personally I can recommend.

Veggie Garden
This colourful little place has all types of food, from Asian/Indian, to tapas, to burgers!
There are two of these in the city, one near Universitat, the other in El Raval near the MACBA museum.

Brunch and Cake – In grandmothers we trust!
With three little cafes around the city, featuring ‘Brunch & Cake by the Sea’, ‘Brunch & Cake Rosselló’, and the original ‘Brunch & Cake’, the smoothies, the pancakes, the bowls and the sandwiches arrive in such amazing presentation, you just want to take a photo of it and not eat it!
Highly recommend the super-sandwich with guacamole and pico de gallo!

Teresa’s Flax and Kale
The perfect breakfast! This restaurant focuses on being raw, plant based, gluten free and some oily fish. It ranges from breakfast, brunch, lunch, sweet treats, and super healthy smoothies. The menus also have a chart on to tell you what allergens the food may contain. This restaurants is one of the best I have been to.

Vegan streets
American burgers and hotdog flavours influenced from cities around the world.
All vegan and so tasty….especially the crunchy fried onions!

La Trocadero
This restaurant located near the Sagrada Familia features also hotdogs and the best vegan burgers. This cool modern place is just what you need after eating healthy all week!

A place to buy vegan sweet treats! Although not all vegan, the cakes that are plant based are incredible. They have doughnuts, cupcakes and kronuts (a mix between a cake and a huge doughnut). I recommend the vegan chocolate muffin! They also have gluten free options.

Wild Lulita
Said to be one of the best places for vegan and gluten free cakes! This cute little cafe has super healthy juices and milkshakes, açai bowls and ice creams.

Surf House
Although not entirely vegetarian, this super cool outdoor beach hut bar has the best vegan burgers and and amazing variety of food. They have a lot of vegetarian and vegan food and drinks and also very healthy. Not only are they foodies but they also organise activities open to all such as beach cleans, surf lessons, yoga, volleyball match, paddle boarding. By far my absolute favourite place!

Green & Berry
If you like bowls of all kind, sweet and savoury, this is the place for you! They serve raw foods, the healthiest smoothies and juices along with a lot of sweet treats, snacks and vegan burgers.

Vegan Chinese and Japanese cuisine!! You can get a big sharing platter of all types and flavours of sushi and rolls and it is so healthy but tasty! Another Japanese restaurant is ‘La Branqueta’.

Barceloneta Sangria bar
Specialising in vegan tapas and sangria… what more could you want! Located near the beach, it is a restaurant with vegan substitutes such as vegan cheese, vegan prawns and vegan calamari in all traditional dishes of Spain. Not to mention their sangria is amazing.

In hope of launching their own vegan cheese, this restaurant is so passionate for food and specialise in cheese sharing platters! This is a must if you want to try something new!

The Green Spot
a classy restaurant specialising purely in vegetables with pizzas, pasta, salads, light bites and of course desserts! This chain of restaurants in Barcelona have other restaurants specialising in fish (the Blue Spot), meat, beach bar, and a few others which is a unique idea.