18 Dec

Christmas traditions in Barcelona

Even though Spain celebrates many same traditions as other European countries and rest of the world, many traditions are still very unique and are only celebrated in Barcelona or Catalonia. So let’s look through most common and surprising traditions that you can encounter during your trip in Barcelona during Christmas holiday! 1. CAGANERS. Christmas trees,...
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13 Dec

Finding Alternatives for Christmas

It’s that time of the year… Once December shows up on the calendar, we can already feel holiday upon us. Presents, decorations, shopping rush, all the hustle & bustle might make Christmas time one of the most joyful times of the year but as there are million things to do and hardly enough time to...
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15 Oct

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants

The food here in Barcelona is amazing! You can find all types of dining and food suitable for every occasion. Whether that be a casual last minute find, a place to sit and watch the world go by while you have a bite to eat, or for a special occasion in a classy exclusive restaurant....
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5 Oct

Get Active!

Barcelona Triathlon – 06.10.19 One of the biggest sporting event in the city, the Barcelona triathlon! Starting at the Nova Mar Bella beach and into the sea… There are three different routes that you can register for, with different distances and, prizes. They are the SuperSprint route : Swim (350m), Bike (10km), Run (2.5km) Sprint...
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26 Sep

What to do in October

Still pleasant temperatures during the month of October, ranging from 24 degrees to 16 degrees. You can enjoy 7 hours of sun as the sunrise is approximately 08:00 and the sun sets at 19:30. In October the clocks change so the days will become darker earlier, however, you can still take advantage of the charming...
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18 Sep

What to do in September

Barcelona during September is a great time to visit. The locals are back in the city after their summer holidays, giving the city a more cultured and authentic feel. However, they have gone back to work and many visitors from around the world have gone home for the autumn, meaning the streets are less crowded...
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3 Sep

The National Day of Catalonia

September 11th To the locals, this day is known as ‘La Diada’ and is held on the 11th of September every year to commemorate the loss of the laws and institutions in Catalonia in 1714. The day festival celebrates the culture and history of the region and, in more recent years it has become a...
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23 Aug

Sporting events!

Massa Crítica Attention those who love cycling!! Did you know that every first Friday of the month there is an event called Massa Crítica (Critical mass) where, anyone of any age, no matter how good or bad you are at cycling, can ride from the Arc de Triumph with lots of other people who seek...
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22 Aug

Great views of the city!

Walking amongst the streets of Barcelona can give you a great insight into the city’s culture and vibe, especially the small narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter. However, having the entire city at your feet from a high view point can create a feeling of euphoria and it is great the see this amazing place...
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