14 Jun

Typical Spanish Products:

Spain is a country known for many things, like its nice weather and its famous stars, but also for typical products that you may not know actually come from Spain and are very important to the country and its inhabitants. Olive oil: a lot of Mediterranean countries  produce olive oil but Spain, especially Andalusia, is...
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12 May

Nice restaurants in Barcelona:

After a day full of exploring, there’s nothing better than grabbing something to eat. In Barcelona, there are a lot of options when it comes to food. You will certainly find your ‘happy place’ in these restaurants, whether you’re a vegetarian or not! La Flauta: If you want to have an amazing tapas experience, you...
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5 May

Insta-worthy spots in Barcelona:

We’re guessing the majority of travelers who stay in Alternative know about, or have Instagram. Even you who’s reading this, might be an Instagram travel blogger. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a traveler whose job is to travel and post pictures on Instagram. Pretty amazing right? But don’t worry, if you just...
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27 Apr

Free things to do in Barcelona:

Barcelona is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A lot of tourists come every year to see what Barcelona has to offer. If you’re planning on coming to Barcelona, here’s a list of some amazing places you can visit for free. Park Güell: A tip you may have heard of (or not),...
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19 Apr

Top 5 of Best Alternative books for travellers

Reading is retiring from a noisy world into a secret intimacy.  It is an “art of running away” said the writer Julien Gracq. In fact, books can bring us to places, whether it’s somewhere close to home or thousands of miles away. Beyond killing time, some books provide an escape and serve as preliminaries to...
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13 Apr

Slow living or alternative pace of life

People every day are constantly living at a fast pace which is making them feel like their lives are chaotic. Busyness is default of today and we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia. A lot of young adults experience burnouts, mental exhaustion, feels emotionally drained. Thus, now more than ever we need...
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6 Apr

Catalan Easter Traditions – Happy Semana Santa!

We have almost reached another wonderful holiday! Easter is definitely a firm welcome of spring and sharing the time with families and friends, gathering together and following certain traditions, enjoying favorite recipes and festivities. Easter in Spain lasts the whole week, which is called Semana Santa (The Holy Week). The week is passionately celebrated with...
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30 Mar

Alternative Ways to plan your trip

Some trips are organized months or even years in advance and are the result of painful savings. Others, on the other hand, are spontaneous and exciting. Going on a trip is a good way to experience adventure, to relax or have a good time. By organizing yourself well, you can be sure that you and...
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23 Mar

Alternative ways for sustainable & responsible traveling

As we are in this high-number of traveling so easily nowadays, there are numerous alternative ways to travel even air might be the quickest, convenient and most accessible way to travel the world. When it comes to responsible traveling, you can not only be more planet-friendly, but also fun and definitely beneficial for the environment...
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