23 Mar

Alternative ways for sustainable & responsible traveling

As we are in this high-number of traveling so easily nowadays, there are numerous alternative ways to travel even air might be the quickest, convenient and most accessible way to travel the world. When it comes to responsible traveling, you can not only be more planet-friendly, but also fun and definitely beneficial for the environment...
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19 Mar

Photographing Barcelona: Gaudí Edition

A passion for photography? The city of Barcelona has so much to offer.  Spring is coming, sun is up, time to lose it up and take the perfect shots. If it’s not your first time in Barcelona, you must have heard about the famous architect Gaudí. What would Barcelona be without the precious Antoni Gaudí?...
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25 Feb


If it’s not your first time in Barcelona or in Spain In general, you might have already tried main traditional Spanish dishes – paella, tapas and some nice cava. Although, here in Barcelona, you can never get tired of the variety of the food this city suggests. As Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, it...
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7 Feb

Alternative Coffee Shops in Barcelona

This week we would like to look through the urban and alternative places to get coffee in Barcelona! Known for world-class gastronomy, unique art, and an exceptional quality of life, Barcelona leaves few things to be desired. Although, specialty coffee and coffee houses, until very recently, was apparently not a thing in Barcelona. Today, city seems...
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7 Feb

Alternative architecture in Barcelona

This week’s post is about architecture, a very important subject in Barcelona – the temple and center of modern architecture in Europe. To Barcelona, architecture is so much more than just Gaudí. Architects from around the world flock to the city to visit much of its more modern architecture. Everyone who is coming to Barcelona...
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18 Dec

Christmas traditions in Barcelona

Even though Spain celebrates many same traditions as other European countries and rest of the world, many traditions are still very unique and are only celebrated in Barcelona or Catalonia. So let’s look through most common and surprising traditions that you can encounter during your trip in Barcelona during Christmas holiday! 1. CAGANERS. Christmas trees,...
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13 Dec

Finding Alternatives for Christmas

It’s that time of the year… Once December shows up on the calendar, we can already feel holiday upon us. Presents, decorations, shopping rush, all the hustle & bustle might make Christmas time one of the most joyful times of the year but as there are million things to do and hardly enough time to...
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15 Oct

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants

The food here in Barcelona is amazing! You can find all types of dining and food suitable for every occasion. Whether that be a casual last minute find, a place to sit and watch the world go by while you have a bite to eat, or for a special occasion in a classy exclusive restaurant....
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5 Oct

Get Active!

Barcelona Triathlon – 06.10.19 One of the biggest sporting event in the city, the Barcelona triathlon! Starting at the Nova Mar Bella beach and into the sea… There are three different routes that you can register for, with different distances and, prizes. They are the SuperSprint route : Swim (350m), Bike (10km), Run (2.5km) Sprint...
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